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This weekend has been one of the craziest and I can't believe I made it through.

We had 5 cakes this weekend starting Friday including Taste of Arlington 2017 on Sunday.

First order of cakes were 3 dozen Curious George Cupcakes! They were ADORABLE and so fun to make. I met this customer at the Potomac Mills Farmers Market and it was a pleasure to do these for her sisters baby shower. (SEE PIC!)


Second order of cakes was a spider-man cake with cupcakes. With the help from Henry with the spider-man lines (he obviously knows more than I do when it comes to spider-man lines), we painted on the cake instead of using fondant as lines. Birthday boy was happy! 

Third order of cakes was a WEDDING CAKE. No matter how many times I do wedding cakes, I am always so nervous! It was a traditional white cake with gray ribbon on each tier with purple flowers cascading down the cake. It had a beautiful topper that the bride/groom purchased. The decorated room was STUNNING and the caterer did it a great job in setting that up!


Fourth order of cakes was for my sweet boy Miles! Not only did I create the cake for him, I helped with all decorations, table settings, etc. It was POKEMON themed so we had cake pops, pikachu peeps and a pokeball cake! (yes!). (SEE PICS!)                                                        

Fifth order of cakes was a PJ MASK themed cake. It was big, it was detailed, it was fun! To be completely honest, I didn't know what PJ MASK was, what characters they were and why their theme song was so catchy....Taylor got it stuck in my head and we sang it basically the whole time we were decorating this cake. Taylor made the windows on the buildings ;) (why didn't I take any pictures..)

TASTE OF ARLINGTON was huge! It was so much fun and we SOLD OUT OF CUPCAKES! It was an awesome event and I CANNOT wait to do it again next year. We sold chocolate cupcakes with Bailey's buttercream and caramel AND lemon cupcakes with strawberry buttercream. To lure people in, we sold MINUTAS. Yes...MINUTAS! Shaved ice with your choice of syrup, tamarind sauce and condensed milk. It all was a hit and DELICIOUS! Thank goodness for the weather because my buttercream would have melted RIGHT OFF!


Thanks to all my friends and family that showed up for support and helping me with all this. It was NUTS and I am so grateful to have such supportive family and friends around me!

S/O to Jo and Olivia for being the real MVP's!!!

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