Our Favorite Flavors

Cake Flavors

Vanilla - Chocolate - Lemon - Strawberry - Almond - Orange - Marble - Confetti
Carrot - Red Velvet - Cookie Batter (cake batter mixed with cookies and cream cookies)
Fruit Mix (cake batter with fresh fruit) - Coconut - Chocolate Chip 

Seasonal Cake Flavors

Gingerbread - Pumpkin

Buttercream Fillings

Vanilla - Almond Butter - Cannoli Cream - Chocolate - Cream Cheese - Cookies and Cream
Blueberry - Dulce De Leche - Hazelnut - Raspberry -Marshmallow - Mango
Mocha - Strawberry - Peppermint - Peanut Butter - Pineapple - White Chocolate

Jam Fillings 

Apricot - Blackberry - Blueberry - Cherry - Raspberry - Strawberry - Liquor Infused Jam

Fresh Fruits

Blueberry - Mango - Pineapple - Raspberry -Strawberry

Our Favorite Cake Combinations

Vanilla cake with layers of dulce de leche and hazelnut swirl buttercream

Lemon cake baked with fresh raspberries and cream cheese icing

Almond cake with fresh blueberry jam and blueberry buttercream

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and toasted marshmallows 

Chocolate cake with caramel buttercream, ganache and toasted coconut

Chocolate Chip cake with cannoli buttercream and fresh strawberries


*Pricing is based on design, tiers and flavors of cake. Please inquire to get more information on pricing*

*All cakes are made to order with the freshest ingredients! Contact us if you don't see your favorite flavors or need paring suggestions*